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FAQ (For candidates)

Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding your profile, how Casefair works and much more.

Creating profile

  • It could not be easier! Select “create profile” in the upper right corner and choose “I am looking for a job”. You are now asked to enter a few details and your profile is created. You can also create a profile with Facebook. With only a few clicks, your profile is automatically updated with your name, picture and contact information. All information can be edited on “my profile”.
  • It will always be free of charge to create a profile on Casefair.
  • For now, you can only log in via Facebook.
  • When creating a profile you are asked to enter your full name, age, gender and contact information.

Solving case

  • There are many different types of cases and hence as many different solutions. It is up to the individual company to indicate what is expected from the candidate. The amount of time spent should however not exceed the time otherwise spend on writing a good cover letter. You are under no circumstances expected to deliver a report.
  • The company will specify the requested file format. Typical file formats are Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. Go to the job and case post to submit your solution by clicking “apply for position”. You will then be asked to upload your files, add the solution to your case-cv and to confirm your contact information. Sometimes your application will end here, and sometimes you will be redirected to the company’s own application form to complete the process.
  • When submitting your solution the recipient company will have access to your case solution. If you choose to add the solution to your case-cv, other companies will have access to your case solution as well.
  • The individual company is responsible for giving feedback to all applicants. You can expect to receive a response on your e-mail.


  • Casefair gives you the opportunity to create a personal case-cv on your profile. This way companies are granted access to your previous work, which can improve your chances of being noticed. You can always add or delete cases to or from your case-cv.
  • Right now, only companies where you have already applied for a job has a access to your case-cv. Your case-cv is therefore not visible to companies where you have not yet applied for a job.
  • You can either add the case solution to your case-cv when applying for a position or add it later. Go to “my profile” and select “edit” to manually add your case to the case-cv. If you have not yet applied for a job, you will not be able to add a case to you case-cv.
  • Go “my profile” and select “edit” to delete a case from your case-cv.


  • Go to “my profile” and select “settings” next to your profile picture. Change your password and confirm.
  • No. Your information will not be shared with Facebook.
  • Go to “my profile” and select “settings”. Here you can delete your profile by entering your e-mail.